Circulars 2006
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Circulars 2006

Mild Steel Bars, Angles, Plates and Hollow Sections76 KB
Further to: Xerographic Paper5 KB
Toilet Paper41 KB
Chipboard and Meranti Blockboard44 KB
Starter Batteries 200749 KB
Rectangular Precast Hollow Concrete Blocks34 KB
Winter Uniforms 2006/07, Winter Shirts 2006/07, Waterproofs 2006/07, Pullovers 2006/07, Neck Ties16 KB
Further to: Blacklisted Supplier – Jon David5 KB
Walking Shoes (Male and Female)26 KB
Various Paints and Varnish73 KB
Putty and Glass30 KB
Tablet Diaries and Wall Calendars 200739 KB
Towels31 KB
Items of Wear 20078 KB
Winter Shirts - 2006/200737 KB
Winter Uniforms, Spare Trousers / Skirts and Ties 2006/200742 KB
Anoraks29 KB
Further to: Marine and Meranti Plywood6 KB
Further to: Parana and Iroko Timber5 KB
Further to: White and Red Deal Timber5 KB
Further to: Computer Continuous Paper (Self Carbonised)5 KB
Further to: Envelopes5 KB
Discrimination in Tender Specifications6 KB
White and Red Deal Timber17 KB
Parana and Iroko Timber16 KB
Computer Continuous Paper (Self Carbonised)18 KB
Envelopes16 KB
Marine and Meranti Plywood17 KB
Ordinary Portland Cement8 KB
European Union Flags9 KB
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Circulars issued in 2006

From:​​ Circ 01/2006​​
To:  ​Circ 55/2006