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Circulars 2007

Circ44_2007 Impact of Euro Adoption on Public Contracts and Public Procurement Regulations.pdf
43 KB
Circ43_2007 Payment DAS Forms.pdf
3 KB
Circ42_2007 Toilet Paper.pdf
76 KB
Circ41_2007 Access to Revised Templates.pdf
4 KB
Circ40_2007 Payments Envelopes.pdf
3 KB
Circ39_2007 Putty and Glass.pdf
29 KB
Circ38_2007 DAS forms.pdf
50 KB
Circ37_2007 Amendment to Circ 24_2007.pdf
3 KB
Circ36_2007 Wall calendars and tablet diaries.pdf
30 KB
Circ35_2007 Winter Shirts.pdf
31 KB
Circ34_2007 Items of Wear 2008 (Summer).pdf
29 KB
Circ33_2007 Winter Uniforms.pdf
38 KB
Circ32_2007 Pullovers.pdf
34 KB
Circ31_2007 Socks and tights.pdf
24 KB
Circ30_2007 Payments Mild Steel Bars, Angles, Plates and Hollow Sections (Further to).pdf
3 KB
Circ29_2007 Payments White and Red Deal (Further to).pdf
3 KB
Circ28_2007 Payments Marine and Meranti (Further to).pdf
3 KB
Circ27_2007 Payments Parana and Iroko (Further to).pdf
3 KB
Circ26_2007 Envelopes.pdf
41 KB
Circ25_2007 Return walking shoes.pdf
8 KB
Circ24_2007 Marine and Meranti.pdf
39 KB
Circ23_2007 Boiler Suits.pdf
45 KB
Circ22_2007 White and Red Deal Timber.pdf
37 KB
Circ21_2007 Parana and Iroko.pdf
35 KB
Circ20_2007 DAS Form extension of contract.pdf
4 KB
Circ19_2007 Xerographic Paper.pdf
35 KB
Circ18_2007 Payment male shoes.pdf
3 KB
Circ17_2007 Chipboard and meranti blockboard (Further to).pdf
4 KB
Circ16_2007 Ordinary Portland cement.pdf
19 KB
Circ15_2007 Computer continuous stationery.pdf
43 KB
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Circulars issued in 2007

From:​​ Circ 01/2007​​
To:  ​Circ 44/2007