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Circulars 2011

Circ22_2011 Pullovers (Scanned Copy).pdf
516 KB
Circ21_2011 Green Public Procurement and Other
88 KB
Circ20_2011 Wall Calendars 2012.pdf
69 KB
Circ19_2011 Tablet Diaries 2012.pdf
63 KB
Circ18_2011 Supply of Winter Uniforms, Spare Trousers, Skirts and Ties.pdf
66 KB
Circ17_2011 Supply of Winter Shirts.pdf
65 KB
Circ16_2011 Supply of Xerographic Paper.pdf
96 KB
Circ16_2011 Supply of Xerographic Paper (Updated).pdf
97 KB
Circ15_2011 Supply of Continuous Computer Paper.pdf
101 KB
Circ14_2011 Supply of Anoraks.pdf
77 KB
Circ13_2011 Envelopes (Further to).pdf
64 KB
Circ12_2011 Towels.pdf
109 KB
Circ11_2011 Walking Shoes 2012.pdf
67 KB
Circ10_2011 Wall Calendars and Tablet Diaries 2011.pdf
67 KB
Circ09_2011 Items of Wear - Winter 2011-2012.pdf
123 KB
Circ08_2011 Environmental Friendly Xerographic Paper (Further to).pdf
67 KB
Circ07_2011 Period Contracts Published by the Department of Contracts (Further to).pdf
67 KB
Circ06_2011 Male and Female Walking Shoes (Further to).pdf
5 KB
Circ05_2011 Workers.pdf
55 KB
Circ04_2011 Period Contracts Published by the Department of Contracts.pdf
7 KB
Circ03_2011 Rectangular Precast Hollow Concrete Blocks.pdf
88 KB
Circ02_2011 Toilet Paper.pdf
145 KB
Circ01_2011 Ready Mixed Concrete for General or Maritime Use Lean Mix - Malta 2011 (North and South Region).pdf
229 KB
Circ Index 2011.pdf
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Circulars issued in 2011

From:​ Circ 01/2011
To:​ Circ 22/2011