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Circulars 2015

Circ27_2015 Toilet Paper.pdf
125 KB
Circ26_2015 Changes to the Performance Guarantee.pdf
92 KB
Circ25_2015 Call for Position of Office Management Assistant_Amended.pdf
121 KB
Circ25_2015 Call for Position of Office Management Assistant.pdf
122 KB
Circ24_2015 Call for Position of Senior Operative (Grade IV-Records).pdf
188 KB
Circ23_2015 Call for Position of Accounting Support Officer.pdf
116 KB
Circ22_2015 Call for Position of Procurement Support Officer.pdf
117 KB
Circ21_2015 Public Concession Contracts.pdf
87 KB
Circ20_2015 Role of GPP Coordinator.pdf
151 KB
Circ19_2015 Further to - Pullovers (Extension).pdf
7 KB
Circ18_2015 Further to - Winter Shirts (Extension).pdf
7 KB
Circ17_2015 Further to - Winter Uniforms (Extension).pdf
7 KB
Circ16_2015 Further to - Summer Uniforms.pdf
7 KB
Circ15_2015 Procurement Procedures for Contracting Authorities.pdf
9 KB
Circ14_2015 Further to - Envelopes.pdf
7 KB
Circ13_2015 Transition to Electronic Procurement.pdf
76 KB
Circ12_2015 National and European Union Flags.pdf
249 KB
Circ11_2015 Summer Shirts.pdf
230 KB
Circ10_2015 Socks and Tights.pdf
257 KB
Circ09_2015 Summer Uniforms.pdf
223 KB
Circ08_2015 Further to - Anoraks.pdf
6 KB
Circ07_2015 Further to - Toilet Paper.pdf
83 KB
Circ06_2015 Envelopes.pdf
201 KB
Circ05_2015 Further to - DAS Forms.pdf
7 KB
Circ04_2015 Amendment to Circular 27_2014.pdf
306 KB
Circ03_2015 Exclusion of Value Added Tax in Contract Value.pdf
9 KB
Circ02_2015 Departmental Threshold for the EU Co-Funded Tenders.pdf
83 KB
Circ01_2015 Transition to Electronic Procurement for Departmental Tenders.pdf
78 KB
Circ Index 2015.pdf
16 KB

Circulars issued in 2015
From​: ​Circ 01/2015
To:​ Circ 27/2015