Circulars 2022
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Circulars 2022

Communication Channels - Department of Contracts134 KB
Further to - Procurement Plan Report146 KB
Compensation Scheme - Public Works (Construction) Contracts303 KB
Temporary Suspension - Claims for Increase in Price of Commodities in Public Contracts245 KB
Public Procurement and Concessions Sanctions against Russia1013 KB
Procurement Plan Report218 KB
Public Procurement and Concessions Sanctions against Russia1965 KB
Envelopes451 KB
Amendments to the Public Procurement, Utilities and Concessions Regulations100 KB
Publication of Guidance Notes146 KB
Experience - Selection Criterion and Technical Offer Criterion211 KB
Toilet Paper122 KB
Green Public Procurement - Implications of Second National Action Plan459 KB
Energy Efficient Peripherals246 KB
Summer Uniforms206 KB
National Flags160 KB
Financial Thresholds - Public Procurement  Utilities Procurementand Concession Contracts EU Directive301 KB
Submission of Procurement Statistical Report294 KB

Circulars issued in 2022

​From: Circ 01/2022
​To: ​Circ 18/2022