DG's visit to AFM Maritime Base at Haywharf
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DG's visit to AFM Maritime Base at Haywharf

On Thursday, 23rd April 2015, Mr Anthony Cachia, Director General (Contracts) visited the Armed Forces of Malta, Maritime Base at Haywharf, where currently a 4.5 Million Euro Project is well under construction.  The project entails the  construction,  servicing,  finishing  and  commissioning  of  a  new  rapid  deployment  launching  facility  for  the Armed  Forces  of  Malta.   This  will  feature  the  construction  of   a   rapid   launching   facility   that   will  house Rapid Interceptor Boats and is to be equipped with a 20 ton overhead travelling crane that will permit all routine maintenance to be conducted under cover while also providing for the quick launch and recovery of such craft as required.  Fast interception is vital when responding to incidents at sea and during border control operations.
To compliment the project storage spaces to support the craft, accommodation facilities for standby crews, training and other administrative facilities are being constructed.  75% of this project is being financed through the European Borders Fund EBF 2013.  The remaining 25% are being financed through national funds.  ​

Date: 23/04/2015​
Location: ​AFM Maritime Base at