DG's visit to New Waste Treatment and Transfer Facility at tal-Kus, Xewkija, Gozo
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DG's visit to New Waste Treatment and Transfer Facility at tal-Kus, Xewkija, Gozo

​This project aims to improve waste management in Gozo by providing a controlled facility for the reception, sorting, processing, interim storage and transfer of wastes originating from Gozo and Comino. 

The Material Recovery Facility (MRF) within the project will aid in the sorting of wastes from Bring-In Sites and the Grey Bag Scheme introduced for the door-to-door collection of separated waste.  This waste will be sorted into three main fractions - plastics, paper and cardboard and metals.  The sorting is planned to be achieved through a semi-automated mechanical process.  The Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) will be collected in the Transfer Station (TS) where it will be compacted in hermetically sealed containers and transferred to Malta for further treatment.  Various other waste fractions prohibited from being land filled, including tyres, shall be retained separate and treated in line with prevailing obligations.

The project will contribute to minimise the land filling of waste by primarily segregating the waste, and directed for treatment.  Also the efficient compacting of the MSW will result in reducing the number of trip from Gozo to Malta, thus achieving a reduction in both the operational costs and the carbon footprint.

When fully operational, the project will contribute in safeguarding the environment by collecting, treating and disposing off solid wastes, while at the same, collecting and treating any related emissions in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The facility will also be increasing the recovery of materials for recycling of the dry recyclables through the intervention of a Material Recovery Facility to contribute towards meeting the set National targets.

Future plans include the construction and setting up of a Mechanical Treatment Plant (MTP) adjacent to this facility.  This MTP will segregate MSW into three fractions - organic wastes, light fraction and rejects).

Furthermore, a bulky waste, green waste and contaminated inert waste treatment/sorting plant together with an efficient loading for the transport of waste are also being considered for the future.

On the 15the June 2015, Mr Anthony Cachia, Director General of the Department of Contracts, was invited to visit this project and other sites managed by Wasteserv in Gozo, accompanied by the Mr Tonio Montebello and Perit Jean Luke Zarb, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Projects Management of Wasteserv Malta Limited respectively.

While being shown around the whole site of the new Waste Treatment and Transfer Facility project, and informed about the whole set-up of the complex and the combined operations in Gozo, Mr Cachia had the opportunity to appreciate the works carried out so far and which are planned to be finalised by end of November 2015.

It is important to point out that this project would not have commenced and carried out according to the projected time schedule, if it were not for the continued support of the members of staff located in the various sections of the Department of Contracts, without whose cooperation, this project would not have been achieved on time.

Date:​ ​15/06/2015
Location​: ​New Waste Treatment
​and Transfer Facility at tal-Kus, Xewkija, Gozo