Strengthening the Public Procurement System in Malta
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Strengthening the Public Procurement System in Malta

On  Monday,  03/04/2023,  a  Closing   Conference   titled   "Strengthening  the  Public   Procurement   System  in  Malta"  was held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.  

The conference had a number of local and foreign notable speakers, in the fields of Procurement, Innovation and Reform.

The opening remarks were carried out by Mr Paul Zahra, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Employment; Mr Anthony Cachia, Director General, Department of Contracts; Mr Daniele Dotto, Deputy Director, Directorate B - Support to Member States reforms  and  Head of Unit B2 - Governance and Public Administration, DG REFORM and Mr Paulo Magina, Deputy Head of the Infrastructure and Public Procurement Division, OECD.

The key achievements attained by the project were discussed and explained by Mr John Degiorgio, Director, Sectoral Procurement Directorate, Department of Contracts; Mr Paulo Magina and Ms Kenza Khachani, Policy Analyst, Infrastructure and Public Procurement Division, OECD.

After the break, a discussion was held on the topic “Towards a risk management approach in public procurement in Malta” with the panel comprising Mr Anthony Cachia; Ms Kenza Khachani; Dr Karina Di Maggio, Legal Advisor - Contracts & Legal, Finance and Contracts Department, MITA; Mr William Peplow, Senior Manager, National Audit Office and Mr Alexei De Bono, Chief Operating Officer, IDEA with Ms Lorraine Mangion Duca, Director Procurement Policy and Quality Assurance acting as the moderator.

Another topic that was discussed was the “Promoting innovation procurement in Malta” with the participants being Ms Samira Boussetta, Policy Officer Innovation / Sustainability and Procurement, DG GROW, European Commission; Ms Jacqueline Gili, Director Operations, Department of Contracts; Mr Louis Cordina, Director Corporate Services and Projects,  The  Malta  Council  for  Science  and  Technology;  Ing  Karl  Farrugia,  Chief  Executive  Officer,  Central Procurement and Supplies Unit; Mr Mauro Draoli, Head of Unit Procurement Strategies and Market Innovation, Agency for Digital (AGID), Italy and Mr Luis Ferreira, Director of the Competence Centre on IPP – Procure+, the National Innovation Agency, Portugal with the moderator being Ms Athina Manta, Policy Officer, Unit B2 – Governance & Public Administration, DG REFORM, European Commission.

The conference was brought to a close with the concluding remarks being delivered by Ms Athina Manta, Mr Paulo Magina and Mr Anthony Cachia.

The conference was organised with the collaboration of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Department of Contracts and other Government entities.

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Strengthening the
Public Procurement System
in Malta

Date: ​03/04/2023