Public Service Week 2020
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Public Service Week 2020

Once again, the strategic importance of Public Procurement was recognised by the Central Government and a dedicated public session during the public service week was held in order for the Department of Contracts to meet its private clients and stakeholders.

This session was headed by Mr Alfred Camilleri – MFFS Permanent Secretary and the audience was addressed by Mr Anthony Cachia – Director General (Contracts). Unlike previous years, participation was also open remotely through Zoom and streamed live on Facebook with the majority of attendees choosing to participate through these online channels. DG (Contracts) guided attendees through a short presentation which highlighted the work done and other work in progress in order for the Department to remain as close as possible to its clients and stakeholders.  Part of the presentation also addressed issues raised during last year’s Public Service Week session and provided the necessary replies and information. Following the presentation, DG (Contracts) requested attendees to put forward any questions and issues.  A number of questions and issues were fielded to which DG Contracts replied and of which note was taken.

The public session, which was quite interactive with numerous participants taking the floor, lasted around one and a half hours and came to an end through the conclusive remarks of the MFFS Permanent Secretary.  Mr Camilleri complimented Mr Cachia for the work being done by the Department of Contracts whilst also recognising the need to continue improving things further.

Public Service Week 2020 - Public Procurement

23 September 2020