Procurement Policy Notes
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Procurement Policy Notes

PPNs' List.pdf
List of PPNs including Number, Subject and Date Issued89 KB
Evaluation Stage - Clarification and Rectification Requests374 KB
Cancellation of a Procurement Call394 KB
Publication Period for above EU Threshold Procurement462 KB
Letters to Successful and Unsuccessful Bidders465 KB
Contract Award Notice New Mandatory Fields426 KB
PPN35 (Repealed).zip
Rectification Template - No Administrative Fee (Repealed)261 KB
PPN34 (Updated).zip
Pre-Financing for EU Funded Procurement (Updated)698 KB
PPN33 (Updated).zip
Inclusion of Green Public Procurement Requirements in procurement documents (Updated)804 KB
Direct Orders below the local threshold308 KB
Bid Bond (Tender Guarantee) Values4131 KB
PPN30 (Repealed).pdf
Supporting Documents (Repealed)286 KB
PPN29 (Repealed).zip
Requests for Clarifications and Rectifications at Evaluation Stage for Departmental Tenders (Repealed)372 KB
PPN28 (Updated).zip
Health and Safety issues in respect of Works Tenders including Construction (Updated)1604 KB
PPN27 (Updated).zip
Obligations of Article 6 of the Energy Efficiency Directive on procurement of products, services and buildings (Including the latest update - 3rd Update)4071 KB
Verification of the Tender Guarantee (Bid Bond) during the evaluation process292 KB
PPN25 (Updated).zip
Best Price Quality Ratio (BPQR) – Precarious Services (Updated)1664 KB
GPP Certificates263 KB
Notification to Evaluation Committees in respect of the General Contracts Committee’s Decision (Award/Cancellation)186 KB
PPN22 (Updated).zip
Single Bond and Performance Guarantee (Updated)523 KB
PPN21 (2nd Update).zip
Performance Guarantee Values (2nd Update)727 KB
PPN20 (Repealed).zip
Inclusion of Evidence and Justifications in Evaluation Reports (Repealed)232 KB
PPN19 (Repealed).zip
Rectifications Procedure (Repealed)418 KB
Clarification letters issued during the publication period760 KB
PPN17 (Repealed).zip
Issues concerning Direct Order approvals (Repealed)636 KB
Delivery Lead Time for provision of Supplies273 KB
Minimum Indicative Quantities to be requested in a Bill of Quantities283 KB
Appointment of Evaluation Committees – Procurement Published by the Department of Contracts (Revised)131 KB
Extended Recess Periods282 KB
Exclusion of VAT in Contract Value280 KB
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The PPNs that you can find on this page have been issued by the Department of Contracts since 02/12/2013