2. Submitting a Bid Online in Response to a Public Call for Tenders
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2. Submitting a Bid Online in Response to a Public Call for Tenders

2.1.1     Any specific technical requirements for submitting a bid

From a systems perspective, any Economic Operator submitting a response to a Public Call is bound by the ‘Terms of Use’, which, in essence, are the Terms and Conditions that apply to the use of the Electronic Public Procurement System (ePPS Website). In fact, the General Rules Governing Tenders reminds p
rospective bidders to follow the instructions laid out in the Terms of Use of the ePPS as well as the Manual for Economic Operators, both of which available under the ‘Help’ Tab of the ePPS homepage.

2.1.2     Whether eSignatures are mandatory and, if so, explain the requirements

When submitting a bid online, there is no mandatory requirement in relation to eSignatures. The process involves different types of attestations; at times, as part of the bidding process, Economic Operators are required to self-declare requirements through an ‘I agree’ radio button. Other times, they are required to upload declarations wherein they are to sign, however, there are no restrictions or limitations on the format of the signature, as long as it is clear and authentic.

2.1.3     Whether there are specific portals used to submit a bid for a public tender

is the sole official portal for public procurement initiatives in the Maltese Islands.

2.1.4     Any tutorials on submitting a bid

All interested Economic Operators are offered free Training Workshops, organised specifically for them, so as to familiarise themselves with Government’s e-Procurement Platform (Electronic Public Procurement System’ ePPS). Accordingly, Economic Operators are more technically equipped to upload a bid, thus, avoiding any cumbersome situation that might affect the bidding process. The workshop covers, amongst other topics, information on the portal interface, searching facilities, usage of the Tender Preparation Tool (TPT) and the eventual uploading of the procurement package.

Click here for a clip on the submission process.

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